1966-02-25 Ivar Theater

1. She's On The Road Again
2. Next Time You See Me
3. I Know You Rider
4. Hey Little One
5. Cold Rain & Snow
6. King Bee >
7. Caution
8. Stealin'

Wow. First of all, what a great sounding recording to start out with. Not exactly their first show, but an early show certainly. An Acid Test on Sunset Boulevard.

Here's the poster:

Looks like an Owsley/Prankster affair.

Starts out crisp and clean with an intimate sound and feel. All the songs are pretty straightforward bluesy affairs. Caution actually has a bit of a surf sound to it, at least to my ears today.

"She's on the Road Again" always reminds me of the guitarist duo we used to go see, Eric Lambert & Joe Jordan, at Shannon's Landing.


Fitting that the first song I hear embarking on my own Golden Road is about being on the road, and goes back to my coming of age period.

The simplicity and youthfulness of this show gives me hope, and is refreshing.

I need to carry a pen & paper.


Take a Vacation, Fall Out for a While

Just what for and why...

First off, I call myself onthebus91 because, well, that' s when the bus came by and I got on.

Now, why The Golden Road? Well, if you don't get the reference, look it up here:

but not here:

Now take The Golden Road as a symbol for traveling life's path, whether spiritual or otherwise, and not necessarily following the "heads all empty and I don't care", party all the time philosophy, but following a seekers path in the spirit of

"Try on your wings and find out where it's at".