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The masses have spoken, the votes are in, here are the Top 64 Grateful Dead Shows. Now its time to fire up the ipod/stereo/kindbud and start listening.

I saw one show on this list, June 23, 1993. Which did you see?

Happy Thankgsving!

Happy Thanksgiving

I dont want a pickle

Coming into Los Angeleees

Need a good Cookbook? You might recognize the Restaurant?!

Have a great day.

Grateful Dead Tattoos

Grateful Dead Tattoos: GD Tattoo #1 Many Worlds I've Come...

Hey, by the way, my Tattoo blog is up and running.

Grateful Dead Tattoos

Check it out.

Tangled up in Blue Cubist Rag

Sugarmag posted a nice article on Tangled Up In Blue today. She used a Jerry Garcia Band video from 1991 that was a great throwback for me. I saw Jerry that year, in the fall, November, at Rosemont. TUIB has always been one of my favorite Dylan songs, but I find it full of remorse, regret, sadnes, but hope as well. It seems a bit existential but accepting, which generally fits for me.

I really dig the piece she clipped from wikipedia about the Cubist approach to Dylan's writing of the song. I think at times I try to manage the sales floor at the bookstore I work at with the same principles, you know try to transcend space and time and be everyewhere at the same time before someone wants or needs me to be there.

Further research shows there are some Cubist elements to Igor Stravinsky's work, especially Piano-Rag-Music. I seem to recall, but I don't remember where, reading that Stravinsky was a big influence on the Dead, especially Phil.

I was kinda grooving on that, so I kicked around a little more on youtube and listened to this...

About 4 minutes in I was wondering why my 7th and 8th grade teacher, Mr. Rogner never played us Igor's jams when we had to study classical music in math class (yeah, he was senile) when my wife came in and demanded to know exactly what the hell I was listening to. At first she thought it might be monkeys on the piano. She said she prefers the orchestral arrangement to the piano duet. After hearing a bit of it she decided it sounded muddy. She said it sounds like "a little yellow duckling running through the forest stomping in mud puddles".

I think I agree, but like it for the same reasons she doesn't. Wonder what you think?

And just for kicks, here's the orchestral arrangement done by the Los Angeles Philharmonic (it rocks!):

I'm still walking, so I'm sure that I can dance...

Yes, it's been a while, about 2 months actually. I'm still around, but focused on other things. I've been on a music break for a few weeks and trying to write a little. That went pretty slow too, so I'm trying to get the writing juice flowing with a few blogs. Maybe writing some NF and blogs will get me in the mood.

Things I've done recently:
got my motorcycle license
broke my left pinkie
yardwork - front yard is pretty close to what I'm going for, but back is a mess
hang out with family and dogs
done lots of online research about various topics including growing food at in small spaces, like the backyard in containers
started a novel for National Novel Writing Month
quit the novel discouraged about my writing abilities and follow through

So, I sure don't know what I'm going for, but I'm gonna go for it for sure...