I'm still walking, so I'm sure that I can dance...

Yes, it's been a while, about 2 months actually. I'm still around, but focused on other things. I've been on a music break for a few weeks and trying to write a little. That went pretty slow too, so I'm trying to get the writing juice flowing with a few blogs. Maybe writing some NF and blogs will get me in the mood.

Things I've done recently:
got my motorcycle license
broke my left pinkie
yardwork - front yard is pretty close to what I'm going for, but back is a mess
hang out with family and dogs
done lots of online research about various topics including growing food at in small spaces, like the backyard in containers
started a novel for National Novel Writing Month
quit the novel discouraged about my writing abilities and follow through

So, I sure don't know what I'm going for, but I'm gonna go for it for sure...

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