Waiting for a windy day... 8/5/67

Well, since I last wrote I've developed a strong fondness for Alligator and Good Morning Little Schoolgirl and voluntarily stepped down from my position as Store Manager to Assistant Store Manager at work.

I took a good part of a month off from listening to the Grateful Dead after listening to mush (I mean much - funny typo) of 1967 and 1968.

I find it difficult to want to review music as I listen to it. I'd really rather just space out and jam, or listen while I do yard work or whatever. I'll have to develop a system of some sort to keep notes and write the reviews.

For a quick shot of some 1967 Grateful Dead...

Here's the first known Turn on Your Lovelight and the fourth Alligator, from Toronto in August 1967...


You can hear Pigpen in good voice here on Lovelight, some blistering guitar work on both tunes, a good example of the band's early harmonizing, and then they go full out in the "waggin his tail" jam producing a sound and vibe that, for me, captures the essence of the psychedelic sound; part blues, part rock, part cacophony, all raw energy.

Posters and stuff...

This is a drop out song and it inspires you all to drop out and dance, dance, dance...

(oddly enough, there's one song on this show I didn't listen to before putting up the link... I linked to it again in my next post - the one for Tom. Ironic how these things happen, GD synchronicity)


"say what?"

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