Soldier Field 1991

Not sure who's picture this was, but I got it at The Grateful Dead Clubhouse Project


  1. Hey I was at that show! I forgot all about the fireworks! Do you remember that Jerry was wearing a blue shirt?

  2. I think that was both of our first shows, no? My wife's first too, but we didn't know each other yet. I remember hearing later that he wore a blue shirt and it was special. I think I remember a "Foolish Heart" in the fireworks, but that could have been my "imagination".

  3. The fireworks popped after the show, to Jimi's version of the Star Spangled Banner blasting over the loudspeakers and became a standard closer to every GD show at Soldier field thereafter. This show was a real acid test. Jerry would later rank it as one of his top 10 favorite shows, as I recall. Few people seem to remember the airplane that the dead had flying over Soldier Field for some time before the show with a giant banner behind it that read "The Grateful Dead Welcome You To A Psychedelic Celebration". No shit. :) I went with my dad and my older brother- his first time on LSD as well as his first Dead show, and we all took a mega-dose. Also, so many heads showed up with and without tickets that it briefly overran downtown Chicago, and the mayor declared a temporary state of emergency and shut down the government offices, sending city employees home...or to the show! Yeah, that show was truly epic.
    Duane B.