Dark Star Palace: Jerry Garcia Tribute Night with the SF Giants

I recently discovered this Blog - Darkstar Palace. The writing is great, like below:

Dark Star Palace: Jerry Garcia Tribute Night with the SF Giants:

"Onwards to the National Anthem. Now, if you're a deadhead like those of us at Dark Star Palace, you know that the Dead have their ON nights and their NOT so on nights...and you learn to just cringe a bit before the boys jump in as you never know which way the wind is blowing that particular night. Well, the winds were blowing us all safely home this Monday night on the bay, as Phil Lesh, Bob Weir and Jeff Pehrson of Furthur just hit home run after home run on the vocal duties. Phil sang in key!! Bob didn't spit all over Phil that much! Jeff couldn't figure out if he just got beamed out of Mork-from-Ork's spaceship because how in the hell do you land this gig with these freaks anyway???"

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  1. Do you remember when they sang the National Anthem at the Giants game in 1993? That was awesome too. Unfortunately I'm too set in my ways to listen to or follow "The Dead", "Furthur" or any other incarnation of band members, w/o Jerry Garcia